Intro to Schedule

on 8-31-2012 in Schedule

Each student has there own schedule, you can use this how ever you want. Keeping track of courses or planning the entire day, week or month.

Lets give it a try and add somthing to the schedule.

1. At the top right of the scheduler you will see four buttons. Day, Week, Month and Timeline. Each of these allows you to see and add to the schedule any way you like. 

2. Click on the Month view, then double-click on any day.

3. Here you can add a subject, start end times, status and Description. Will talk more about the recurrence checkbox on step 4.  For now give it try, and be sure to click save at the bottom.

 4. Recurrence allows to to duplicate the event for as long as you want, for example if you want to schedule something every Monday until November. Give it a try!

5. If you need to delete an appointment, simply hover over the item and click the red X

6. You then have the option of deleting just that day or all occurrences.